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Praise for Gold Lust

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Wayne G. Keene, President of Keene Engineering

    (the world's largest manufacturer of portable mining equipment) says ..."A great presentation of the character of modern gold hunters. This is as close as you can get without experiencing the discomfort and arduous tasks miners endure to uncover gold in this century."

Tom Massie, General Manager/Technical Editor of Gold Prospector Magazine says ...

    "Authentic and exciting from page one. Gold Rush 2000 captures the spirit and independence of the modern prospector. This adventure allows the treasure hunter in everyone to experience the chase for the yellow."

authorlink.com on the internet...

    Selected Ed Mitchell as "feature adventure author".

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Quotes from
Men & Women Who Love
Gold Lust

     "I really enjoyed the book and I'm looking forward to buying your second one.  I enjoyed your characters and the story kept moving.  Thanks for the entertainment. My husband appreciates things that keep me quite. Hehehe!"
Karen Reed, Housewife

     "Your book certainly has more surprise twists than Clive Cussler's, that's for sure!"
Carol Jean Tillman, Doctor Veterinary Medicine

     "This was a good book with lots of action. " "I liked the revenge part on Pam, I thought she deserved to get beat up." "This was one book I could really get into, not like the other boring ones we read." "The scence in the book where Pal was hurt was too explicit." "This book would make a great movie!" "Will there be a sequel?"

     Jane Bedford’s Hunter Elementary School’s reading class in Fairbanks Alaska:
Cayly, Danielle, Ayla, Linda, Andrea, Sterling, Quinten, Deja, December, Kim, Jennifer B., Kellen, Edgar, Chelsea, Jennifer H., Aubray and Matt.

     "I did not put the book down for two days. I highly resented things such as fixing dinner, answering the door, washing clothes, etc. I wanted everybody to just leave me alone so I could read!!! I was right there with the characters from chapter to chapter!! Step down Sidney Sheldon, Nora Roberts, Sue Grafton and John Grissom and bow to ED MITCHELL."
Barbara Hall, Housewife

     "Just finished the book last night. If I had to choose one word that would describe the book it would be 'Fabulous'. The more I read, the more I felt the pain and success of Nolen Martin. My question is, when are you going to do another book?"
Dave Kyzer, President, Minnesota Gold Prospecting Association

     "It's your fault I have a sunburn. I couldn't put the last three chapters down and stayed in the sun too long."
Carol Delwo, Business Operations Manager

     "I started reading your book when I got home Saturday night, my wife got up early on Sunday and started reading it. She refused to give it back until she finished it. She loved it, I am half way through and am loving it also."
David Cook, Home builder/Teacher

     "I've worked for one of the large New York publishers and your book is great. It's the best book I've read this year. It's exciting. It's topical and would make a wonderful movie."
Marcus Barccani, PhD, Executive Officer, Virtual Publishing Group

     "I loved the hero, Nolen. He's the type of man any woman would want to marry."
Brenda Cox, Medical Assistant

     "You plot better than most well known authors. You hooked me. I'm cheering for the good characters to not be hurt and for the bad ones to be punished."
Larry Miller, Senior SW Designer

     "A great read! The subject was not my ordinary selection, but I couldn't put it down. Now I'm waiting for the sequel."
Mary Dodds, Special Education Teacher

     I postponed finishing the book as long as I could stand it. Divvied out a few pages at a time like a kid nibbling at a candy bar. Now I have to go through the withdrawal part. I wish there was a sequel for me to read now. I feel its one of the best stories I have ever read. It was ... very real as it would be in real life.
Donna Pogson, Domestic Engineer

     "You should be on the Top-10 Best Sellers list. I hated to put it down."
Don Gordon, Manager Technology Development Company

     "Friends, the title is Gold Lust and I can't stop reading it. If you like the Tom Clancy Red October type story, you will love this book. Normally I don't share things like this unless I feel strongly about it." (E-mail message)
Bruce Vogul, Product Assurance Engineer

     "I thoroughly enjoyed your book from cover to cover. I read it in two days which is fast for me. To me it was every bit as good as The Firm."
Dan Durante, Proposal Manager

     "There were so many twists that at one moment I was angry that all Nolen's and/or Digger's efforts were going to be wasted and the next chapter or two, all that was turned around.  It was great to use an innocent older lady, Hilda, to play against Nolen. Good luck with becoming a best seller.  It's bound to happen when you have such a piece of art!"
Laura Gaudette, Executive Secretary

     "It's a quality story that really gets you going. I finished reading it in three days."
Scott Peterson, College Math Professor

     "I finished the book last night; it was great! I can't wait for the sequel, you left quite a few pieces and people hanging. You could be another Clive Cussler."
Howard Milam, Retired Engineer Astoria, OR

     "This is a great book! It's done in the best "Clancy" tradition, but even more so! You've out Clancy'ed, Clancy. You are to be congratulated on this well written, exciting, fast paced, and entertaining literary achievement. I'm heading for the hills to find my gold."
Steve Schramm, Proposal Consultant

     "I liked it!  For a while there toward the conclusion, I thought that Nolen was really screwed, but should have known that you wouldn't let your reader down by letting the scuzzballs win."
Sydny Baker, Retired Military Officer

     Fascinating writing. Good work. You really hold a spell!."
Connie Perry, Real Estate Agent

     "I am about half through with your book and really enjoying reading it. The book brings back a lot of memories about my prospecting in Nevada. I have also met many of your Mr. Towers. That is why I do not work for large companies."
Ray Wittkopp, Mining Geologist

     "It was exciting to the last page. You finally got me; I cried with joy about the puppy."
Sheila D., Florist

     "Better than Clancy. The plot was excellent, character development good, and the ending was unpredictable. I want to hold an author party for you in Huntsville."
Louis Connor, Program Management Consultant

     "I'm having fun with this book. I'm glad I bought it."
Vel Johnson, Senior Configuration Analyst

     "Ed Mitchell's imagination is impressive as he unfolds a plot which turns on how to profit even bigger from a gold strike than just digging out the gold itself, meanwhile coping with as evil a bunch of antagonists as you're ever likely to run in to, in or out of a novel. "
Don Corzine, retired VP Paine Webber

     "Just finished reading the first chapter. I'm very impressed. I didn't think it would spellbound me. It did. I look forward to buying the book!"
Robin Drake, Executive Legal Assistant

     "I got hooked. I really like the twists and turns in the last 100 pages. But the torture scene was too graphic for me. I've already recommended it to friends and I want to buy two more books."
Peter Kiss, President, Software Company

     "I'm eight chapters into the book and I can't stand to put it down."
Leanne Pappas, Data Center Analyst

     "Let me say that I am impressed. Thought the story was great. You did a good job holding my interest and making me want to know what was happening next."
Craig Meadows, Civil Servant

     "This story really flows. I've made the wife drive the car so I can read it. I hate to set it down."
Eric Hiner, Electrician

     "A very hard time putting it down. It was so interesting, a bit like "Bond" ... but better. It was cleaner, but enough love interest to keep it interesting in that respect, though not needed as the story line is enough to keep you intrigued."
Mary Ann Schramm, Owner/Manager Ceramics Crafts Shop

     "Got your book and already read it. It was great! So many moving parts that come together. It would make a great movie. I really enjoyed the book. Keep writing."
Gil Tam, Bank Executive

     "It's a page turner."
Carl Glahn, Hardware Design Engineer

     "The story line is great and the pace is wonderful. My wife and I loved the characters and the descriptions of them. We feel like we know the people quite well. The details about the mining industry are fascinating."
Jim Mulligan, College Professor

     "Damn good story line. As good as Red October. You write as good as Dale Brown."
John Pogson, Aerospace Engineer

     "I stayed up all night to read it. I'm very impressed. It's very good. "
Mark Smith, Software Configuration Mangager

     "Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed Gold Lust, once I picked it up I really couldn't put it down, all I can say is you truly are a master story teller, thank you so much for a work of literary art"
Thomas Morehouse, Electrician

     "I received your book and am now having a wonderful experience reading it. It has a great story line and I am having a hard time putting it down. I was reading it this a.m. in the restaurant. My eyes were so full of tears! Such a great story!"
Grace Vargus, Housewife

     "Thought Nolen should have had more ethics. But, I loved it."
Col Jim Mowery, Retired U.S. Army

     "Had to finish before going to work this morning. The end had me sort of breathless, had to hurry to see the outcome."
Daloris Williams, American Cancer Society Volunteer

     "I enjoyed your novel both the first and the second time when I re-read it to answer the gold contest questions."
Rocky Stanley, First time prospector

     "I don't read much but the story moved fast and the ending was great. It was slick how Nolen got out of trouble."
Steve Ernst, Telemetry Hardware Engineer

     "I didn't run for two days because I was reading your book."
Terry Loch, Airline Attendant

     "A great airplane read. Was impressed with how you developed the story."
Grace Cataldo, Ovenware Salesperson

     "My time in sickbay was well spent reading a new book: Gold Lust. A terrific action mystery with the wallop of an Ed McBain and the velocity of a Mary Higgins Clark."
Chuck Windsor, Director of Promotion Young & Rubicam

     "There were enough subplots woven throughout to make it a complex fabric rather than a simple story line. I enjoyed the ending as well because it took me emotionally from disappointment and anger to satisfaction and closure. Plus I enjoy it when the good guy outsmarts the bad and good triumphs over evil."
Jim Eberle, Atlanta, GA

     "You're ahead of the game. Some authors had to die first before their work was recognized."
Rich T., Palo Alto, CA

     "I absolutely loved Goldrush 2000! I'm not a mystery reader but I really enjoyed this one."
Kelly Henkins, Romance Author

     "Great book. Even though I only had a few hours sleep in the last few days, I stayed awake reading your story on my flight to Arizona. Loved the twists you put into the story."
Scott Parks, Program Manager

     "While on a flight from San Jose to Ontario I read the first seven chapters. It is very good. The passage about Nolan's foster dad being in the hospital and the family reaction made my eyes water."
Ramona Turner, Journalist Salinas Californian

     "I didn't want to put it down. As I closed the cover on the last chapter, I thought this author really has had to have been in these experiences to have been able to describe them so well."
Mary Hubert, Insurance Salesperson

     "Your book has been keeping me awake. You're my escapism."
Marlene Gibbs, TV Host, KGEM Monrovia, CA

     "Once I got into the first chapter I was hooked. You cost me some sleep though. I stayed up way past my bedtime one night because I had to get through the last 125 pages!"
Myra Leone, Program Controls Analyst

     "You are responsible for me not getting any sleep this past week. I have little time to read until about 10:00 p.m. - when my 4-year-old goes to sleep. Then I start reading your book. I couldn't put it down - two nights in a row I saw 1:30 a.m.!!!! I really, really enjoyed the book! I hated for it to end. Great story! Kept me wondering what was going to happen next! On your web page, I learned you have book 2 and 3 coming. Let me know - I can't wait to read them!!!!"
Annette Escoto, Title Company Escrow Officer

     "It was a thrill to read your book. I loved it!"
Susan Prichard, Secretary

     "Your book reads ever so easy. The descriptive parts are excellent. The chapter about the test monkeys was superb. ...it got to where I could not stop at the end of a chapter. It left me wanting to take a peek into the next chapter which left me wanting to take a peek again and on and on. What a great ending. I envy your talent."
Kathleen Barrett, Food Services Controller

     "I loved your book. The twists and turns were excellent. I could never figure out what was coming."
Judy Parker, Retail Store Manager

     "I started Gold Lust last night and read through Chapter 5 before I could convince myself to put it down. I realized that Gold Lust has been on my mind as if the characters were friends and their well-being, my personal concern. I haven't decided whether I'm "into" the book, or it is "into" me, but I am tremendously enjoying your work."
Samantha Hart, Photographer
Former President of a San Francisco Organization for the Arts.

     "I'm halfway through your book and enjoying myself immensely."
Mary Pacios, Mystery Author & Artist

     "Fast paced, simply complex, believable and ... inevitable."
Don Corbett, Aerospace Engineer

     "I finished your book, really enjoyed it.  I'm looking forward to your next book."
Sandy Gleason

     "What a great book, after starting it I had a hard time putting it down."
Betty Snyder, President Snyder's Valley Springs Pow Wow,
Largest Rockhound gathering in California

     "Your book is wonderful. I usually, only read books written by women authors. Gold Lust, was definitely worth the buy. Nolen is very real, to me. I like this man. Being able to finish, your absorbing tale, while still on vacations was wonderful."
Gloria Collins

     "I read a lot. Your book is the best book I've ever read. I gave it to my husband and he loved it. Almost read it in one setting. I loaned it to my sister and she loved it and asked if you have written other books."
Leticia Scofield, Graphic Artist

     "Gave my husband your book for his birthday. He goes to bed early (to read your book) and I woke up to find him reading some more.  What a kick!  My husband is an avid reader, but mostly non fiction.  He LOVES your book.  Can't wait for my turn!"
Kieron Chambers

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Reviewer Quotes
Gold Lust

     "This is really a good book. I'm reading it now and it has everything: corrupt business, military scandal, love story, and searching for gold."
Lynn Finnell, News Anchor, KION Ch-46 TV

     "Tense and absorbing is this mult-faceted thriller which opens with a tense account of an aging prospector's relationship with a foster son and quickly moves into the behind-the scenes politics and concerns of a ruthless international conglomerate suddenly interested in gold. A new, rich vein of gold may change the shape of the region and affect a restricted, secret military area in this fine story. Many plots and sub-plots are hatched with all the potential of becoming confusing, but deftly handled by Mitchell with a powerful dose of strong characters to make the reader care about the unexpected conclusion. Highly recommended."
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review.

     "The book is said to be a mystery thriller, but I found it to be much more. I found it to be an adventure novel wrapped in a thrilling mystery with excitement, gore, and romance. It was pure enjoyment to read. I could hardly wait to pick up the book again to see what was going to happen next.
     Ed Mitchell's first book is a real winner. I do believe we have a brand new hit author. The story has its good guys, bad guys, and even bad good guys. It is a thrilling adventure of finding a gold strike, and trying to hang onto it by outsmarting the bad guys. Every chapter brings a new twist to the story, and what makes it a very good novel, is that I could not out guess what was going to happen. I had to read the next chapter."
Gary Klier, Editor, Northwest Mineral Prospectors Gazette

     "Gold Rush 2000 is one whale of a page turner ... The plot is fresh, rich and complex, peppered with memorable characters. It portrays a world to which few of us will be exposed, yet find too fascinating to ignore. One hopes this will not be the last we hear from Ed Mitchell's fertile imagination,..."
G. Browning Bordages, Editor,
The World of B.S. Pyle

     "Gold Rush 2000 induces an adrenaline rush by weaving modern gold exploration, spy satellites, gene manipulation, hostile takeovers, and U.S. national security operations, into a tapestry of conflict and suspense."
Bob Walsh, Book Editor, Watsonville Register-Pajaronian

     "It's a mystery-thriller about a ruthless international conglomerate and a whole new gold field in California. I'm betting you'll like it."
Alan Caruba, Editor, Bookviews

     "This baby is movie material so check it out."
Joseph Stachyra, Editor, The East Coast Prospector

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Praise for Gold Raid

< Endorsements > < Reader Quotes > < Reviewer Quotes >


Awesome, flowing, intriguing.
---Ramona Turner, Reporter, Santa Cruz Sentinel

A story that you won't want to put down until you've finished the last page.
---Linda Wisdom, National Best Selling author of Silhouette Books

This thriller has twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
---David Kryzer, President, Minnesota Gold Prospecting Association


Quotes from
Men & Women Who Love
Gold Raid

"As usual you have written a wonderful book. Fast and furious. Kept me excited, scared, and glad Nolan finally won."
Violet Mann, AZ

"Your in the doghouse with me. My wife wouldn't come to bed last night because she wouldn't quit reading your book."
Russ Reavis, CO

"You are so articulate. The good words you puts together are so effective that I find I'll go back a few lines to read them again! A great adventure story."
Jean & Don Ashford, CA

"An exceptionally exciting fast paced book. Very well written. The prose is extremely professional and the dialogue is good. You write with the authority of experience."
Steve Schramm, TX

"Just finished Gold Lust and had to order Gold Raid. Can't wait to get my hands on it and I don't even like to read much. Sure did surprise my wife."
Rich Best, NJ

"I usually don't read unless I'm sick and you have me staying up late at night reading your book. Just could NOT put it down. From taking over the mine, the wedding, the kidnapping --- AWESOME story!"
Estelle Szczesny, CO

"I want to thank you for the many hours of very enjoyable reading provided by both of your excellent books. Enjoyed "Gold Raid" even more than "Gold Lust". Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next book in the series."
Roger Sherman, CA

"I like the way you begin Gold Raid with action instead of having to read several pages or chapters before action starts. Wow, what suspense. It's one of the few books I have read recently where I let everything around me go until I finish it. It is a great novel."
Kitty Douglas, CA

"I read both books, Gold Lust and Gold Raid. Both are very good - couldn't put either down."
Dorthy Kitchell, CA

"WOW! The way your mind works I'm sure glad you are on the side of law and order. I enjoyed the book thoroughly. Thanks for being an author."
Joyce Pidgeon, CA

"I advise new readers to fasten their seat belt before starting to read your book! Congratulations on this excellent creation."
Travis Browning, TX

"I thought your first book was very good. BUT, your second book is incredible! And the print is large enough to read comfortably and the paper/ink contrast is excellent. It certainly makes it easier for "older" eyes to read."
Grace Vargas, CA

Reviewer Quotes

The Salinas Californian, Silas Spaeth:
"The action is hot and heavy. Mitchell throws in twists and turns that are sure to take everyone by surprise... The novel's startling conclusion will have the reader sitting on the edge of his seat... If you are interested in gold mining, high adventure, or corporate malfeasance, this is a must read."

RoundTableReview.com, Deb Jones:
"The second thriller in author Ed Mitchell's Gold Lust series is GOLD RAID... The pace of this book starts with a trot and just keeps on going, page after page...Greed and treachery are around every corner...The characters are believable, even if somewhat larger than life on occasion...The physical action between villains and hero are nicely interspersed with character interaction as well as some tastefully steamy scenes. Definitely a must-read for any lover of the mystery/thriller genre."

Missouri Gold Prospectors, Russ Pearce Editor:
"From the explosive start of Gold Raid to the explosive ending, author Ed Mitchell made me laugh, made me cry, made my blood boil as he painted the picture! I felt that I was there! I loved the story! There's as much action here as there is in Black Hawk Down. Every prospector needs to read Mitchell's stories!"

Alan Caruba Bookviews.com
"Gold Raid...deftly told amidst one plot twist after another."

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Praise for Gold Fire

< Endorsements > < Reader Quotes > < Reviewer Quotes >


     "..If you want to get any closer to the battle lines on the War on Terrorism — enlist! "
Colonel (Ret) S.F. Baker, U.S. Army. Commander, Task Force 5-16, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm

     "GOLD FIRE presents an engaging premise, ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, with ample suspense and action to satisfy fans of the genre. "
Michael Newton, author of The Executioner and Mack Bolan action adventure series and the best selling Armed and Dangerous.

Quotes from
Men & Women Who Love
Gold Fire

     "Gold Fire grabbed me from the start and held me to the end. I believed every word, and I was totally absorbed in the blend of military, medical, intellectual, and personal triumph. As for the central theme, I think Gold Fire should be required reading for every congressman. "
J. Travis Browning, TX

     "You have a twisted mind. I’m glad you’re not a terrorist"
Barbara Warren, MOX

     "Gold Fire is great! You did a boatload of research and it shows! "
Un-named CIA agent, VA

     "I thoroughly enjoyed your three thrillers and found the stories riveting and had great fun following places on my map we visited when traveling in the U.S. "
Barbara Grayson, United Kingdom

     "I missed my plane to Detroit because I couldn’t peel my eyes off of the pages! "
Abdurahman Njai, VA

     "Came to the part where Maida overheard the conversation between Nolan and Joanna, and Maida threw up. It is a common reaction, but I don't know too many men that know about it. How clever of you to put that in the book.
As usual you had me completely entranced, worried, scared, and devouring the pages as fast as I could. After one of your books everything else I read puts me to sleep with boredom. You are so magical...it is very interesting — the technical part. "

Violet Mann, OK

     "BRAVO! The action was fast, furious and believable, plus the technical side was superbly researched and put to paper, much in the way of Clancy or James Patterson. Can't wait for your next novel. I'm a fan! "
Roger Sherman, CA

     "It was terrific! What I enjoyed most about the book was the sense that you really didn't know what was going to happen next and the sense of feasibility of the plot. It is really scary! "
Alicia Esposito, NJ

     "I finished the third book the other night! I enjoyed them, they're definitely late nighters. Once you start reading you can't put them down! Hurry up and release books 4, 5, 6 etc! "
M. Roesner, CA

     "Your writing style is excellent! I can count on one hand how may fiction books I’ve read in the last decade. But, this was so laced with believable details that I felt like I was observing a real drama unfold. Brilliant ending. The last section had me on edge as it shifted from one location to another. "
Lee Lotz, CA


     If you enjoy break-neck action, this is a series that you should thoroughly enjoy ... Mitchell is a master at keeping the reader engrossed in his stories."
ROBERT WALCH For The Salinas Californian

     "This techno-thriller grabs you up front and doesn’t let go. ... A juiced Tom Clancy stay-up-all-night read, and you won’t even need any black coffee... "
Jack Quick for bookbitch.com

     "Gold Fire sets forth a harrowing prospect: Khalid Jafar, son of Osama bin Laden, has stolen nuclear warheads from Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces. The Russian and American military cannot locate the missing warheads, and Senator Nolen Martin is declared a traitor for negotiating with the terrorists. As the attack deadline draws closer, the senator charges FBI agent Cholo Cantera to team up with an Israeli counterterrorism unit to locate the missing weapons. Time is running out in this dramatic saga. "
The Midwest Book Review

     "... A riveting read for thriller fans offering much by way of excitement and adventure ... The people are all complex with their own agendas that make for a complex plot and series of events that keep things interesting for the reader... "
Anne K. Edwards for New Mystery Reader

     "For action and thrills, don’t miss Ed Mitchell’s new novel, GOLD FIRE that posits that the son of Osama bin Laden, with the secret assistance of China, has stolen nuclear warheads from Russia ... I can tell you this one will have you spellbound ... "
Bookviews by Alan Caruba

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