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Mystery Thrillers by Eddie Mitchell - Gold Lust
Synopsis Gold Lust Book-1:
At the beginning of this millennium, war hero Nolen Martin returns to northern California to help his struggling foster-family while grappling with his own divorce. Ruthless international conglomerate, CMR, stalks Nolen to steal the massive, gold vein he discovers in northern California. Simultaneously, the FBI attempts to falsely arrest Nolen for treason to prevent the inevitable gold rush, fueled by television and modern transportation, from exposing the government's clandestine weapon development site.

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Mystery Thrillers by Eddie Mitchell - Gold Lust
Synopsis Gold Raid (Book-2):
The history of gold and rich mines is rampant with theft and double-crossing. And when there is a vein of gold as thick as a person’s arm then partners, government officials, lovers, family, and friends can become cutthroat enemies.

After discovering a massive gold vein, Nolen Martin and his fiancée attempt to outwit a powerful international mining conglomerate, disloyal partners and the Japanese Mafia, all determined to destroy them.

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Gold Fire

Synopsis Gold Fire Book-3:
Khalid Jafar, son of Osama bin Laden, has stolen nuclear warheads from Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces. Is his peace offer to end global terrorism sincere or will he vaporize millions in Washington, D.C., Moscow and Tel Aviv?

When the Russian and U.S. military fail to locate the warheads, Senator Nolen Martin is branded a traitor for negotiating with the terrorists. Meanwhile the World demands America strike a deal with the terrorists before the attack deadline arrives. To protect America, Nolen causes FBI agent Cholo Cantera to team with an Israeli counterterrorism unit to find the missing weapons. But time is running out.

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Mystery Thrillers by Eddie Mitchell - Gold Rush 2000
Synopsis Gold Rush 2000 (Original Hardcopy):
See the synopsis for Gold Lust Book-1 at the top of the page.

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