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Consulting to Future and Recently Published Authors

What every seasoned author wished someone had taught
them about selling books!


41 things I wished I had known before I was hit by the truck!

The rude fact is --- often emerging or debut authors (fiction or non-fiction) receive little or no training from their publisher, whether the publisher is a large East Coast house, a mid-sized press, or a small independent. Thus author selling skills are often learned by trial and error. And an author can easily spend more than a year to acquire and refine those skills.

Call or e-mail me now. Get help and avoid hours of wasted time, unnecessary costs and lost sales. You will thank me later for increasing your book sales and making your life less stressful.

Select one or more of the topics below, then move rapidly into the success arena by receiving practical training over the phone or internet. We'll discuss the topics that interest you. If you prefer, we'll volley questions and answers by e-mail. After each session I'll augment the material we discussed by e-mailing or faxing you pages of notes or URL addresses, etc.

My fee: $25 per half hour.


How do I avoid rejection? (Craft your book to sell.)
      1   Modify your story for market appeal -- Perhaps you donít have to kill the dog.
      2   Write an effective query letter -- Specify why the agent or publisher will make money with you.
      3   Select a title with broad appeal -- Yes, you love it but will the reading public love it?
      4   Team with a helpful publisher -- Sure they will publish your book, but what about distribution?
      5   Covers that sell -- Understand & help your publisher.

How do I gain recognition & praise for my book?

      6   Receive endorsements from stars -- Begin early. Donít be shy.
      7   May I quote you? -- Quotes are cheap and highly effective.
      8   Win awards -- Shoot for success. Learn something about your book & yourself.
      9   Press Releases -- Make it news worthy. Fax, fax, fax.
    10   Newspaper and other reviews -- Sure...The New York Times will review your book.
    11   Advertisement -- Buying exposure but few sales.

What critical skills do I need to sell my book?

    12   You must sell and tour to keep writing -- Published but no one knows you! Now what?
    13   The complete set of author skills -- After writing you begin marketing and selling.
    14   Donít forget your spouse/significant other -- Consideration of your partnerĎs sacrifice.
    15   Maintain your humor -- So you canít pay the mortgage. You say that like itís a bad thing.
    16   Protect your health -- Day-job + sell book-1 + write book-2 all on 4 hours of sleep per day.

Where will I sell my book?

    17   Free books -- Your friends will ask for one.
    18   What does it cost to sell your book? -- Money, time, risk, & relationships.
    19   Local, regional, national selling -- No one knows you, and you are going national?
    20   Creating your annual events calendar -- Select and attend high-payoff events.
    21   Creating the Authorís web site -- Why am I doing this? Design what? For how much?
    22   Join amazon.com and other electronic bookstores -- But who knows you are there?
    23   Becoming an e-book -- Watch your rights.

How do I prepare for a book event?

    24   What is my image? -- Pick your uniform. Avoid wrinkled cloths, bad breath, bad hair.
    25   What do I carry to an event? -- Pack well to avoid hernias, divorce, and a heart attack.
    26   Where & When is the event? -- Always show up an hour early.
    27   Staying in contact -- Sell your second book to someone who purchased your first book.

How do I successfully conduct an event?

    28   Getting into a store -- Donít be shy. They like authors.
    29   Scheduling an event -- Select the right weekend.
    30   Treat the bookstore owner & staff like you wish to be treated -- Manners count.
    31   Donít do a reading -- Be the highest selling author the store has had in the last year.
    32   On stage sales -- Itís show time!!!!!!

    33   Book Festivals -- How to effectively work your booth.
    Elevator/Hallway Sales -- Two minutes to convince someone to buy your book.
    35   Library Events -- Impress librarians and sell your book.
    Genre Conventions -- Sign up early to do a panel. Make them fun.
    Trade Show Events -- 3000 booths. What are my goals--what do I do--how do I network?
    Radio & TV Events -- Whatís a hook?
    Residence Events -- Wine and other secrets at someoneís house.
    Web Events -- eGroups & e-mail selling from your home computer.
    Help -- News letters, National Writers Unions, PMA, Sisters-in-Crime and other help.

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